"Bleh, I’m bored"

*It’s been a while since the last time Gintoki had to actually work. Teachers have never been absent this week. Well, he was fine with it, but after finishing read and re-reading his Jump all he could do now was to wait for the next volume of it. And waiting was boring.*

*Also, his mun woke up too early and was bored, so she decided to make an open rp for him, since he hasn’t been interacting with many characters. She never finds anyone online and that’s kinda frustrating becaus…*

"OI! Shut up already! No one wants to hear about your mun life! I’m the character here! Wanna rant go on your personal or make an ooc post! Geez!"

*sorry …*

*Anyway, Gintoki wasn’t in a good mood. You should come interact with him though*

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